Coconut protein chocolate

Chocolate oh chocolate how I love you! I have been searching for a good chocolate recipe and if it was a healthy option I was definitely going to try it like asap! So while sitting at an internet cafe trying to get through as many emails as possible, I decided before leaving I was totally going to find one. I found myself going to my favorite duo (the tone it up girls) Kat &Karena site and found a recipe I just had to try. 

Even though this is not chocolate chocolate, it totally satisfied my chocolate craving. For a more dark chocolate flavor follow the exact recipe which you can find here. For a sweeter version, which was my personal favorite just add some honey and you good to go. I'm thinking if I chop this up and add it to protein pancakes it will be so divine.

Have you tried any protein powder recipes? If so share share share!

Have an awesome weekend lovelies!!!

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