9 Ways to overcome ANY let down!

Sometimes life can be a fickle biatch (if you a normal person you will totally be nodding your head). Trust me there has been several times I felt like screaming "someone put me in a straight jacket already". Sometimes things just get you down, its normal. There is a variety of everyday situations like breakups, your boss, colleagues, maybe your partner never makes you feel like a priority,mean mother in-laws, mean girls... the list is endless. I decided to think really hard about what has actually helped me in those rough situations. I hope these suggestions can help someone out there just as it helped me many many times in the past.

  • Ladies nights: So a few weeks ago I had major drama and I really just felt like wallowing over a bottle of wine but my lovely friend and sister made it their mission to get me off the couch. We got dressed up,headed out to a club, had shots, danced up a storm and my troubles were history. I will be totally candid and say they were guy issues but that night made me remember that with or without a bf I still had it. I still had guys approaching me making me feel gorgeous even though I felt undesirable. If I was single that specific night my life would have not ended in any way. So get out there. Have fun. Remind yourself how fabulous you are !!
  • Try something new: A new job, a new hairdo, anything new feels like a fresh start and when you down and out a fresh start is exactly what you need.
  • Avoid romantic movies: If watching a movie is really what you need watch comedies, action movies or horrors. Romcoms really make you feel miserable when you already feeling down.
  • Dinner/lunch for one: Spoil yourself, no need to worry about who  is watching or making conversation. Order your favorite dish and really just enjoy the you time. 
  • Phone or chat to that witty friend: I am lucky to have a few and I am certain you have one who has that much needed dry sarcasm, comical twists and who makes you laugh till no sound comes out of your mouth but you still laughing, its just silent laughing. If you got fired they will have some spin to it that will make everything seem better.
  • Read something inspirational : The secret and Untethered soul are my go to books, both give me a sense that I am in control of the future. 
  • Youtube baby: Watch those cat ringing doorbell videos or anything that gets you smiling. I don't know why but I love makeup tutorials. Yip I know its weird but whatever works right?
  • Buy something that is a selfish purchase: Yes I know its nice to share things but every now and then do something selfish. I remember years ago when I just started working and took a metro bus to work. If I had a bad day I would stop at woolworths and get me a triple chocolate mouse to enjoy on my way home. Pure bliss!!!!
  • Remind yourself this aint your first hurdle: Every single person I personally know has been through something awful and came out of it perfectly fine. We all have had breakups, switched jobs, cried, made mistakes, had a guy or girl treat you like trash and you survived it. You are stronger than you give yourself credit.

Well I hope you enjoyed these suggestions be sure to let me know what is your way to pick you up, I would love to know.

~Image credit: The fancy pants report~


  1. Great tips for those tough times! I find spending time with friends, or a pamper sesh works wonders :)

    1. If you have good supportive friends, really you have everything you need.

  2. Loved the tips these were so helpful! Thanks for lifting my mood hun

    Jennos Health.

    1. Comments like this make it all worth it, I hope you have a wonderful start to the week.

  3. Ladies night is usually my go to option! Lovely ideas x

    1. I love ladies nights, they have been proven to work.

  4. Love this… beautiful!
    kisses from Miami,


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