5 ways to lift your spirit.

There's something about this time of the year that makes you feel absolutely drained and maybe even a little down. With some simple adjustments that can change though. Below are some of my favorite ways.

Write a list of things that have changed for the positive in your life. A new job, new found love, completing something off your bucket list. If you look a little closer you are bound to find a very long list of changes that have happened this past couple of months. Take a minute and be proud of it.

Take a mini break, you don't even have to go away. That mini break will revive you just enough to get through the next 2 months. This in turn will help you be more productive and maybe even help you achieve some more goals before this year ends. 

Speak to someone who is super supportive. If I am having a really bad day venting is the only way I can get through the rough patches. Sometimes all you need is to talk to someone who wont judge you. 

Positive affirmations about yourself are a sure way to life your spirits. Self love can literally make you a better person to be around and all this begins by remembering your own good qualities.

Eliminating unnecessary stress is so good for the spirit. Sometimes we take a lot more than we deserve or need. By simply jotting down various things that stress you out and seeing which are important and which are not worth stressing about you will already feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders.

How do you lift your spirit?

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  1. For me to lift my spirits I just go to my quiet place and pray! :)
    That's all that helps for me. And a little breakaway!

  2. All very good suggestions! I find meditation somewhere beautiful works for me. I will go to the beach really early and watch the sunrise, or sit in a park or beautiful leafy area and allow the stillness to take over!

  3. Whenever things get too much, I go out for fresh air and turn to Mother Nature for comfort and she never disappoints me.

    These are great tips. Definitely speak to someone who is not going to judge you and don't be too hard on your self. Sometime we put ourselves under too much stress which most of the time is not even worth it.

  4. I love all these especially the first one and the one about talking to someone supportive!

  5. Love these tips, doll! Great to keep in mind. Happy Friday!


  6. this is so great and so smart, meghan! thanks so much for sharing!


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