Tuesday Tips to slim down fast

Fitness and real weight loss is not an over night thing... but perhaps you need a short term solution for that hot date or business meeting and you want to feel a little less bloated here are some tips that may assist.

*I am not a dietitian or fitness instructor but I have had my fair share of weight issues and have learned a few things along the way.

  • Cardio!!!! go for hikes , go biking,swim everyday ... get that heart pumping

  • Avoid super salty stuff,that will only make you retain water and get very puffy.

  • Drink lemon water and lots of it!

  • Go cold turkey on salt, carbs and sugar.

  • Cut out alcohol

  • have smaller meals but more frequently

Now unless you maintain a healthier lifestyle these tips wont show long term results ,but for a quick solution these will assist you in you feeling lighter for that up coming event. For more interesting solutions on fighting the bloat check out webMD

Whats the biggest weight issue you have or problem area?


  1. My butt and thighs lol :

  2. I hear you i'll post some easy workouts that target the but and thighs soon... :)


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