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I feel like its been forever since I added a journal post especially since I moved over to blogspot.

I was sitting back thinking what is the journey to inner peace?

Is it reaching your goals , is it the ability to calm your self down in any circumstance? I have tried several methods to find inner peace, I've tried being confrontational defending ever action fighting for myself at every corner ,I've tried escaping, I've tried enduring dark situations,but, for me inner peace came when I stopped measuring myself against others accomplishments and focusing on who I was before "LIFE" happened ,it was the minute I accepted my flaws and worked towards bettering who I was and more than that the very moment I realized I was growing into someone better.

I use to dream of embarking a journey like in Eat Pray Love to find myself I Eat Pray Loved myself to a new city to a new love to a new weight and realized the person you want to become is not in a new city or country ,its growing within yourself ...the love ,respect you have to have for yourself. I sit now loving every inch of myself and weirdly enough finally my waters of my life are peaceful.

Now with that said I do foresee me taking another journey but instead of searching /running away from life , I want to be living,free,happier with my new found inner peace because I do believe i'm not yet where I ought and want to be I still desire so much more but that's a story for another post. Thank you dear friend for reading this post about nothing fashion,music,food or even poetry related .

I will leave you with this question this awesome Friday, what are you searching for ? what has made a difference for the better in your world ? how have you found inner peace ? I look forward to your replies.



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