February Favorites | Motherhood, skin care, fashion, meditation and more

It has been ages since I have done a favorites post/ round up, I have basically de-cluttered my life in heaps and bounds. So this will be an absolute favorites post. No muss or fuss, just the things that brings me joy.

Lets start with wellness:

Meditation has been the ultimate addition in my life. I listen to quite a few but my absolute favorite is this one. The body scan method is pretty new to me and absolutely helps me stay in the actual moment.

The reflections app. has been a great way to really narrow down the day, the highs, what you can improve on and so forth. It has made keeping a journal so much easier.


Capsule wardrobes have been something I am aiming to do with my obscenely cluttered closet.  I'm speaking simply looking into keeping or purchasing the basics, like the perfect leather jacket to the maxi dress you can wear dressed up or down. By the way I am obsessing over this River Island ankle boots, I have a similar pair that I bought in Belgium and they are my classic staple.
image credit ~ River Island

Skin Care:

At one point I had like my night stand over flowing with skin care products, oh the length I would go in to fight aging. These days I am simply into face wash and exfoliating followed by my current skin care favorite celltone tissue oil.


As Matteo is getting older 17 months to be exact, I have found keeping him entertained is getting a little more tricky and even though pre- motherhood I was judge Judy about letting toddlers watch shows to keep them entertained I must confess I have become one of those moms. Don't get me wrong, we play outside, go for walks daily and keep the shows to a minimum but they do come in handy. His favorite is Noddy but it has to be Noddy in toy land. 

There you have it my current simplified favorites, I have one major question what is something you can recommend? what is your absolute favorites this month?


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