Can we talk witchy for a minute ?

So witch hazel has been a part of my bathroom cabinet for ages, but whenever I tell anyone how awesome it is they like what on earth is witch hazel. It sounds terrifying.

No its not brewed by a witch, its actually one of natures best healing agents. Its made from the witch-hazel shrub and is one powerful astringent. I swear I've seen acne disappear in a week, cuts healed super fast and that's just to mention a few. One might even say its got some magic powers (or maybe that's just me).

But if you still not convinced about witch hazel I am pretty much sure after reading this post you will be curious and heading out the door to grab yourself a bottle or two.

Here are 10 AMAZING uses for witch hazel:
  1. It works super well as a acne or breakout spot treatment.
  2. It helps to tighten your pores which is why I add it into my diy toner.
  3. It treats dandruff. With its astringent properties its great at ridding your scalp of dandruff
  4. It relieves your skin from itching when you have been bitten by bugs... Like those pesky mosquitoes.
  5. It can soothe razor burns and sunburn.
  6. It can heal and disinfect cuts and wounds.
  7. Have pets? Well it can remove ticks .
  8. It works amazing as a household cleaner due to the astringent properties.
  9. It removes hair dye stains from your skin.
  10. Its great for reducing puffy eyes. Cut a cotton round soaked in witch hazel in half and place underneath your eyes.

Well there you have it, as you can tell there is many many many uses for witch hazel. Are any of these uses new to you?

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