And we back!

Hi lovelies 

Oh my soul it's so good to be back on the creative track. After just not feeling inspired AT ALL I made the decision to put the blog on the back burner while discovering myself from scratch. Personally I needed to know if I could post great content and consistently too. Lets be real posts around here missed the little zest for life those last 3 months.

It was only until 2months ago I started feeling the need to express myself and get back to blogging. But I wasn't ready to put up with mediocre content. So these two months was all about getting many draft posts ready and today I can say with 100% certainty, I am sooooo happy for not posting and so happy I didn't Rush the process. There was a dire need to go back to the drawing board know what I mean?. 

Hallelujah I am finally at a point of happiness and satisfaction about the content and blog etc. and it only took 4 months people hahaha. You always have a choice to make in life do what's right for instant satisfaction or look at the long term goals and work towards that at a slow and steady pace until you in a good space. I did the latter . I'm excited about the content I will be posting and am thrilled to be back in this wonderful community I MISSED YOU GUYS and I must say a HUGE thank you for following on Instagram and being here today.

Please be sure to drop the link to all your new blog posts... You know girlfriend needs to play catch  up on what's going on in your life. 

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  1. It's great that you're back into blogging Meg! I am actually going to take a break as well so we'll be tag teaming out ;) lol


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