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There's so many important lessons one can learn in a lifetime. Some stick and some we need to learn more than once, I on the other hand love learning from others. Whether on shows like Oprahs's master class or via books like Untethered Soul and The Secret. We can learn so much if we open to it. Untethered soul by Michael Singer has a great analogy about living a balanced life being similar to sailing or actually a sailboat. Which I thought I just have to share with you guys.

We always find ourselves thinking if we lead a balanced life we will be living a boring life where nothings changing. One thing we must remember is if your life is filled with extremes you wont really get anywhere or have life fulfillment. For example if you are an extreme workaholic and have no actual personal life you are using one extreme to fill a void. Which is never a good thing. 

But the most enlightening thing is once you find some form of balance your life will be filled with excitement. Because just as with sailing one cannot go anywhere if you have any extremes and you cannot sail anywhere without adjusting to whatever the day brings you. 

Think about it you on a sailboat and you have no wind but you have a sail you wont go anywhere, but if you have a steady wind, a sail and you constantly adjusting you will be able to move in whatever direction you desire.

Let me know what is your thoughts on this analogy or if it makes sense to you in the comments below.. Id love your input!

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  1. I love this analogy and completely agree with it - very inspiring and true. We need to create our own wind in order to go wherever we choose to x

    PS sorry to hear about the guy that mucked you around too.. men. Urgh. But lucky you had your friends to help you get back on your feet xxx

  2. Great post, babe! Glad your friends are there for you!



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