I swear every time I write down my life goals they are always the same. Be in a healthy happy relationship,start a family, be successful and fulfilled in whatever career path I chose, focus on health, travel and so forth. So here is the main thing I am seeing the main goals in life never quite changes, its the little things that get added that change. Have you ever noticed that? What is some goals that have never quite changed over time for you?

Latest Instagram pics:
  • Black and gold vibes on my desk and the reuse of a pretty box that once was filled with chocolates ;)
  • I am not a huge vege girl so juicing it makes it bearable haha.
  • Delicious stuffed calamari and pretty details.
  • Martini's anyone?
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  1. Black and gold is totally my new favorite color combo. That and mint and gold. :)

  2. I agree, family, health, love.. have always been the most important thing in my life and something I want to work with everyday, every year. It's all about enjoying the little moments.

  3. Love your Insta! :)


  4. My goals have been the same for the past couple years and yet I still seem to be in the same place so instead I have created a visionboard for the year ahead and can you believe I am already half way through achieving two of those goals already.

    Seems if you see and visualize it then it is more likely to push you to pursue it.

    xoxo Abby

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