Change your rituals and you can change your life!

I was listening to a few Tony Robbins motivational talks while busy starting my day, tidying up, reading emails making my second cup of coffee, you know the usual I work from home mornings. When I finally sat down and started focusing on work around 9 am and one thing stuck in my mind. People are what they do often, the rituals they have and so forth. 

Now lets take a moment to think about it... what are your daily rituals? love rituals? life rituals? is there something you are doing that doesn't correspond with the life you desire?

His one clear example was people who workout and are fit have very different morning rituals than those who don't live a healthy lifestyle. It resonated with me. I sat back and really analyzed what my rituals are (and I am not talking about the voodoo kind). I have taken a few steps in tweaking some of my rituals and have started seeing some really great progress.

I will share with you a very personal example of what I mean Bart and I had a very odd "relationship" way of waking up. He'd get up, I'd be in bed, he would come in to say his leaving and that I have to close the gate, I would get out of bed and enjoy a cup of coffee and so forth. Nothing unity like at all, more like two people living different kinds of lives, right? now this is where the change comes in these days we get up together, enjoy some morning chatting over coffee, laugh about some silliness we noticed here and there, sweet goodbyes and the whole toot. That simple adjustment in our morning ritual has changed so much. Hallelujah

Now if this seems very intriguing to you, here's a little exercise I want you to do write a list of your rituals, start with your morning rituals and see if there is something that is hindering you from getting to that point you want to be and to those of you who have awesome morning rituals that have changed your life or even life rituals you would love to share, please do so in the comments.

Till next time!

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  1. Life is all about the little moments isn't it, and the little changes we can make to appreciate those little moments all the more :)

  2. I love rituals, I go for a run or walk early morning, then my cup coffee is a must have. My daily routine makes me feel ready for the day.

    1. I love that you start it like that, it really does set the tone for the whole day.

  3. Just what I needed to read this morning (over my second cup of coffee, too ;)) You're so right - just changing one little thing of your everyday ritual and routine can bring about so much change! Time to think about my rituals and change them up a bit :) Great post Meghan!!

    1. Love hearing that, its always good to a re-evaluation (if I can say that) of ones life.

  4. What a wonderfully inspiring post. It's amazing how such a simple change (getting up together) can change your whole day! Definitely something I'm going to pay more attention to….
    xo ~kim & chloe

  5. This is awesome Megs, the list is scary but facing the truth about little changes often is xxx

  6. You are amazing Loving the advice doll
    kisses from Miami,


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