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With festive season right upon us I can feel a change in the air.. some people seem to be running around frantic trying to get everything done before we ring in the new year. While others seem to be running on slow mode, i'm included in the latter group. I recently read a post about getting sh*t done on Sundays and even though I know it really is correct the only thing that crossed my mind was holiday holiday holiday. Am I the only one? 

Sometimes you just have to embrace the chill mode (I know Bart feels very different to this, sorry babe but its true). You really can't fight the bug. I chose to be the one getting some things done with a kick in my step. I really would be satisfied with 2013 if I can look back and say I have grown since 2012. Which I personally think I have. 

With that said I am off to read some emails and finalize some potential business for next year before the companies close for the holiday season. And yes I am doing it with a smile on my face AND yes I may or may not do something holidayish afterwards. I'm thinking DIY cards would be awesome.

So which mode are you in? the getting things done right now mode, or have you already got the holiday bug like me?

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  1. I am definitely in the "can this year just end already!" mode. Lol. But I am very excited for christmas and I am feeling very festive too;-)))

  2. I am in "year please end already and can I please sleep for a week" mood.

    xoxo One Stiletto At a Time fashion and beauty blog

  3. It's a hectic time of the year but I think it's important to try to take some time to just relax too.

  4. Step by step I am getting close to this mood. Wonderful!

  5. I am in high stress mode, mostly because of my students! I need to try to relax... breathe...

  6. I'm thinking about all the things I need to do but actually doing very little which is much more relaxing than it sounds!

  7. I'm trying to remain very comfortable in chilled mode, with just the right amount of introspection and work on myself before the new year starts!

  8. I'm in the getting things done mode right now- but I feel like by Friday, it'll be all holiday! :)


  9. I'm so excited for the year to end but it feels like there are a LOT of things to still be done before the year is up... I can't wait to get to Cape Town and enjoy being on holiday :)

  10. I'm excited for 2014 - I've actually achieved a lot in this year, but I must admit it has left me a bit tired. Need to chill for a while.

  11. 2013 has been full of ups and downs but I definitely have grown a lot and have learned a lot of things, met some awesome people and did things outside my box

    I was thinking of doing DIY cards but time has been the issue but I have tried to add personal touches.

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  13. after the holiday season i need vacation :)

  14. Merry Christmas!

  15. Sending best Christmas wishes to you and your fantastic blog!
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  16. _________________*
    ________^~~~WITH ~LOVE ~~^
    _______i^~AND~GOOD~CHEER~^ i


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