Preserve your pride

This post was inspired by one question one of my favorite youtube guru's and her boyfriend answered on relationships. Lets start this by saying women should preserve their pride when it comes to dating and life in general. Let me just say had this post been written before my 2 year hiatus from dating it would of been so different. I was bouncing from one long relationship to another with the constant feeling that I wasn't complete if I wasn't in a "healthy" relationship so I'd waste tons of times with guys who really I should have dumped a year before the actual breakup.

I have to say I am so grateful for those 2 years that I spent single, it sounds so long! I can honestly say somewhere in those 2 years I really started to take pride in myself, not that I was pre that time looking like someone who didn't care about her outer appearance. But, I always made excuses for people who treated me badly I lost the idea that I DESERVE THE BEST and that is the pride I am talking about. There is tons of things I will not tolerate anymore and the best part is I know that if a guy cant respect me I am perfectly fine on my own.

I love saying this I cant even remember where I heard it but it goes "A man has two options in a relationship either STAND UP and be the man she needs or SIT DOWN so she can see the man behind you"

As women we often feel its our job to be a "good women" and in our minds that means we have to take all the crap and follow it by making up excuses for why men do what they do. He cheats because.. he lies because.. he doesn't believe in romance because... list is endless. Truth is if a guy really see's worth in you and values you the only thing you will ever have to say on his behalf is "this man is so good to me because...". I'm not saying he would be the perfect person, no one is perfect but he will totally respect your relationship and value you so much that you will want to tell people about his awesomeness and be known as the most annoyingly perfect and loving couple by all your loved ones.

I think any guy wants a women who has some pride in herself. I've heard guys say when I cheated on her yeah she was upset and hurt but hey she also kept begging me to stay so I just kept cheating and we just kept dating. Any women with pride in herself will not want to share any guy/women. She will not tolerate anyone laying a hand on her, she will not tolerate unnecessary women drama like exes who feel they have a voice in your relationship and you and the bfs future.

With this good kind of pride comes so much more happiness because it will start moving into different parts of your life. You will care about your health. You will take pride in your relationship. You will take pride in your work and you will be filled with self love and happiness which in the end that will make you be a joy to be around. Now I am not talking about conceit which is: a high and often exaggerated opinion of oneself. I mean pride which is self respect and feeling proud of who you are. Know the difference.

Realize what you bring to the table and then take a moment to pat yourself on the back. Know that you deserve the absolute best in this life. Communicate with your partner about the things that you do and do not like. Realize that when you take pride in who you are and you have inner happiness you will stand for something and not just fall for anything.

Disclaimer: I am not a relationship or self love expert/guru/coach all the above is based on my personal experience and is just my opinion. I love sharing my little life lessons that I have learned the hard way with you guys like I would with any of my girlfriends or loved ones.

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  1. I agree completely with your views on women preserving their pride. it really upsets me when I see how woman allow themselves to be treated like dirt and not do anything about it.
    x Nats

  2. Sometimes we want to impress the other person so much that we say yes to everything, even the things that make us cringe and uncomfortable. We tend to be sensitive and let emotions take over us and there are some who will take advantage of that. We need to be strong and sometimes listen to our minds and not only the heart. If your other do not know to respect you and treat you well then he is not worth it.

    Don't ever think that you are not good enough and that you will not find anybody else if you let this person go. There is a Prince Charming waiting for you and will respect you for who you are and love you for you.

    I am so grateful to god that I am in a relationship where my best friend is my partner, my biggest support my biggest fan. He has taught me the meaning of Life and how to be positive no matter what life throws. We have been together for seven and half years and the relationship keeps getting stronger and stronger. And I thank god for that

  3. It takes so much courage to write from the heart, but this was a joy to read. Having been in a relationship for 20 years, I can only say that you are wise, brave, and strong. Trust and respect are the cornerstones of any relationship

  4. I feel like standing up and giving you/this post a standing ovation, lol :-) Well said.

  5. This post is everything. Thank you for writing it!


  6. Great message, doll! Love this post. :)


  7. I loved this enlightening advice Meghan! It was truly motivating and I agree on everything you said. We so often forget that we are worthy of much much more :) I appreciate your thoughts...Happy End of the Week!

  8. words of wisdom my love! so proud of you and the beautiful women you have become...
    Love how u write!
    Kisses from Miami,

  9. I completely agree with this. I think before you can have a truly healthy and successful relationship that you need to have your own self-confidence and self-worth!


  10. Amen. I agree with every word you've written...

  11. This is true. Unfortunately a lot of men will not either stand up or sit down. Often they will be standing when they're supposed to be giving way... :(
    But such is life.


  12. you couldn't have said this any better!

  13. I totally agree with this. Great thought provoking post... xoxo


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