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Hi guys I hope you had an amazing weekend, today I'm over at Coral tinted perceptions while Natalie is touring Europe(so jealous) I will be sharing whats on my bucket list, do you have one? if you curious to read more be sure to read more here.

Have a gorgeous start to the week!


  1. Lovely post over at Coral tinted perceptions blog :) On my bucket list:

    1. Swim with dolphins.
    2. Learn a foreign language.
    3. Learn to play the drums.
    4. Study something totally out of my field of expertise.
    5. Travel more.

    My list can just go on and on but I will stop at no. 5 ;)

    Have a great day!!!! Mwah xxx

    1. Learning to play drums is such a fun thing on your bucket list, love it :)

  2. Cool post and a great list.
    My list?
    1) Kiss my true love under the Eifell Tower
    2) Visit South America including a samba in Rio and Machu Pichu
    3) Snorkel in all three oceans
    4) Become a mom
    5) Live in Italy for a year (at least!)

    1. Your list might have just added more things on my list haha love it!

  3. Heading over to read it Meghan. Mine is to travel to different places :)

  4. Nice post Meghan. I want to learn different languages as well starting of with Portuguese, Spanish and German. Would love to travel to the romantic city of Paris

    Naaj xx

    1. Paris *sigh* love that you want to go there too xo

  5. I love reading about peoples bucket lists! Mine is:

    1. Take my step daughter to Disney World before we have more kids
    2. Back back through South America and enjoy the Rio Carnival with my hub
    3. Climb Mt Kilimanjaro
    4. Complete Ironman 70.3 (Entered already - race is in Jan!)

    I have achieved my others this year already (blessed) A family holiday to Zanzibar, swimming with dolphins, and starting a blog!

    Thanks for sharing Meg x

    1. Your list is so adventurous and I love that its all about pushing yourself.

  6. My bucket list is mostly travel-related, but the top on my list are to travel to Italy and France, and to ride an elephant! I'll be sure to read your guest post :)


    1. I think traveling is the best part about living! Thank you for reading it.

  7. On my way to check it out! :)


  8. Thanks once again Meg! As you can see I'm still playing catch up on reading my blog posts :) Was awesome having you on my blog! x


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