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*This post has been changed due to some recent events.

Have you ever been swamped with negative thoughts ? and then something bad happens and in that very second you like do a 180 degrees turn , that happened to me , if you follow my twitter or facebook page you would've noticed a status update saying ".... family first" well I have been feeling pretty dare I say it , depressed lately everything everyone has just been annoying me , yes people miss optimistic was feeling like a debbie downer , no amount of reading the secret or going through my gratitude mental list could get me out of my funk . 

Then ...

one of my biggest fears happened in a blink of an eye,the fear being that one of my loved ones is hurt and it hit me that I just cant be the pessimist "woah is me" kind of girl, you see my dad ended up in an accident on his way from work and no one bothered to inform us , I still cant get pass that fact . Thankfully his fine ,bruised and in pain but fine and they managed to steal his possessions yes you heard me! you end up in an accident and they still steal from you but the idea of a loved one being hurt and without  his family bothered me to the core , is this the society we live in ? I love my country but some of the people in this countries f*#%@ng mentality drives me insane , this is one of the only things wrong in this country ,some of the people here have the inability to be decent human beings (woooooosaaaah Megs) anyway, before heading down the angry frame of mind (I think I already did)I've been in as of late I just want to say do not forget what matters the most , your loved ones , I've had a fair share of loss but after a while we all tend to move on and forget the lesson we learned when the loss happened , never forget to say something kind to your loved ones. Never forget to be grateful and for the love of life be a decent human even to strangers. I swear if we all just tried this world would be so amazing.

Yes this post is not my usual preeeetttty post but its something that has to be said , sometimes life gets the best of you and sh*t happens but try really hard to remain positive , love your loved ones , take care of yourself so that you can give your best to those you surrounded by and never forget to be grateful for all you have. There is so much to be grateful for as angry as I am/was Its outweighed by the joy and relief I have that things turned out okay , my dad is fine his possessions can and will be replaced and that I was reminded about the most important things in this world are not things at all , they are people, I have to share with you one of the emails I got recently as in as I was writing this post and followed by some of the links that brought some joy to my world .

  • easy spring / summer inspired recipe filled with a hint of citrus some puff pastry some yummy greens and ricotta check it out here.
  • love love this pretty ladies style , she is always so chic every time I browse through her blog I feel like I just need to get dressed up, check her out here
  • this post on blogger competitiveness was an amazing read , read it here
  • This post where Victoria mentions a chef saying "adapt and overcome" really stuck with me cant get that quote/ phrase out of my head .

Hope these links cheer you up like it did with me , sometimes you don't need hahaha moments you need ahah! moments to really wrap your head around and pass a situation , life isn't only about sunshine moments its about learning to "adapt and overcome"


  1. This is an interesting post which really made me think. It's so easy to take things for granted and there is such good advice to follow here. Adapt and overcome is certainly a great message too. The post about competitiveness was excellent. You have a lovely varied blog and I'm pleased to be following on Bloglovin'

  2. Such great pearls of wisdom!! It's so true-sometimes we get so caught up in our own achievements that we forget about what is truly important! THose we love can never come back once they are gone, but everything else can be bought or achieved again.

    Sophisticated Lace


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