Forever Grateful

Some people wait till they reach a certain page view number, some wait till they've been blogging for a year ,I cant wait!! wait for what you might be wondering? well ... 

This is a note to all those who read my blog & inspire me through their amazing blogs.

Blogging has been an interesting journey , I've only been blogging since December 2012 but I cant begin to tell you how amazing it has been thus far , the sweet comments , the regular readers , reading new blogs thanks to the links you leave with your comments , talking to people from all around the world , I have always wanted to explore the world and I feel like this has been the beginning of that dream . I just want to sincerely say thank you to each and every one of you for this amazing experience . Also thank you to blogs like VMac & Cheese  & Stripes & Sequins for teaching me something new on a regular basis, for being so willing to share knowledge about blogging and thank you to everyone for the visual journeys you take me on and for the continued support. 

I hope to keep blogging for a very long time , to meet more incredible people. Thank you thank you !

~Image Credit World Tour Stories ~


  1. that is such a beautiful image! I've been blogging for about 5 years now and still enjoy it a lot :D

    1. That's so awesome hopefully I'll follow in your footsteps . xo

  2. Oh how stunning,babe!

  3. lovely thoughts! it's great to see someone have such a positive experience with blogging so soon in your history.


  4. I'm with you on this Meghan! Blogging has been such a great experience thus far, don't ya think?! It is so wonderful to have a place to spill your creativity, thoughts... and then have support and love from great readers :)


    1. It is really amazing , one can never feel alone in the blogging world with so many amazing people around, like you :)


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