What is this blog about??!!

Well I got an interesting email today... asking what exactly is my blog about...

This is not a fashion , music or poetry blog... it is a lifestyle blog about what I've come and am going too come across throughout my journey, I have a love for food , fashion, music and more ... and this blog covers all those topics ... 

This blog is an extension of all that I love and am going through  ... a creative outlet... and perhaps each day will bring a new topic because my life and thoughts change daily... this blog is not just another blog because its based on my journey , which will never be the same as anyone else's journey because we all are unique with a a few sparkling similarities and are all walking our own amazing paths.. the blog will cover restaurants I  enjoyed and romance and music and will absolutely cover fashion..and and and... 

Who knows what the end result of this blog will be ... but that's the beauty of starting something that can evolve into anything because it is a creative platform.

I view tons of blogs daily because I admire and adore taking a journey for a few minutes viewing their life,aspirations and I get lost in it. And all I wish for this blog  ,my baby, right this very second is that someone out there gets just as lost in my thoughts.. and for my blog to grow into something beautiful.

So that my dear friends is what this blog is about...

...With all that said let me leave you with a quote from a remarkable poet 

"The secret is here in the present. If you pay attention to the present,you can improve upon it. And ,if you improve upon the present,what comes later will also be better. Forget about the future and live each day according to the teachings,confident that God loves His children. Each day,in itself brings an eternity"

Paulo Coelho

have a beautiful day further

love & light


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