My Summer List

Since summer is starting very soon (mid October) in South Africa I have started a mental list of things I wish to do. I personally always feel a tad bit depressed in winter I could even go as far as to say lazy. I just never feel motivated to do much in the cold months, my workouts suffer, my baking slacks and lets not mention the effect the weather has on how much wine I drink when its cold and gloomy. 

So whats been keeping me motivated to smile a whole lot more is a list I started making of various things I want to do this summer because really who doesn't look forward to planning fun times ahead. 

  • I would love to change my hair a bit. Not yet sure what that entails.
  • Spend 2 weeks this summer somewhere coastal.
  • Indulge in fruit, smoothies, fruit cocktails, fruit desserts.
  • Go out hiking with my dad at least once a month. 
  • Find a new farmers market.
  • Workout 1 1/2 hours a day.
  • Meditate for 20 minutes daily.
  • Wake up earlier and eat breakfast outside three times a week.
  • Go to 1 outdoor concert.
  • Make more treats and eats from my food bucket list.
  • Go sailing once this summer.
  • Take a picture once a day. To capture everyday of this summer.
  • Paint an abstract painting that I am proud of.
  • Re-varnish my bedside table.
  • Wear orange lipstick.
  • Read a new book.

There is so much more I'm sure but this is what comes to mind at this very second. What is on your summer list? and for my friends heading into Fall, what is on your Fall list? Id love to know.

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  1. Love it Meg , well done very inspirational :)
    x h

  2. oooh, I need a summer list. Really great list! Love the eating outdoors, going to the coast etc etc

    1. That's like the best part of summer, right?!

  3. I feel the same in winter :/ I love your list of things to do, especially the hiking once a month, taking a picture everyday and eating breakfast outside three times a week :) I shall try do those things to, just because :)

    Loren |

    1. I am really glad you joining in on the list.

  4. Ugh so jealous! Summer is just ending here and I did not get enough of any of these things!


    1. Oh I am sorry Becky. Trust me I know the feeling hence this year gets a list hahah

  5. Such a great list and so inspiring.

  6. Orange lipstick and outdoor breakfasts sound like paradise to me. (Un)fortunately the summer is over in the US, but some things I included in my summer list were a zoo trip, having a real picnic, and playing some mini golf. We accomplished none of those things this summer, except a couple rounds of mini golf, haha!

    xo Ashley

    1. Well maybe you can add them to your Fall list? lol better late than never.

  7. Loved this - woiuld never be brave enough for orange lipstick!! Breakfast outdoors is a lovely idea, and I live at the coast so that doesn't count lol! Can't wait to hear about you ticking all of these off as the weeks go by xxx

    1. I think you'd look gorgeous in orange lipstick, it seems to look phenomenal on women with blonde hair. Hopefully I get to do everything on the list.

  8. Awesome list!!! Thanks for sharing!!! List's are great to make because that means that you really want to do the things on it and it also motivates you in achieving the things on your list!!! I personally can't wait to see what new hairstyle you want to do with your hair ;) Much love xxx

  9. A lovely list - enjoy crossing the items off - those are really attainable and might help you find some of your balance.

    Much love...

  10. I love this idea of a summer list! I love lists and i have no idea why I have never thought of dedicating one to a season :) You've got some interesting ones - good luck honey!
    And I've been wanting to do Ombre to my hair for a while but I haven't found someone in Jhb who I trust enough to get it right .. lol.. I look forward to seeing your before and after pictures

    x Nats


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