Why i haven't posted my hair growth tips yet

So this is such an overdue post.. 

I promised to do a hair growth and thickening post a few months ago. I was so extremely excited to share my results with you guys at the time because my results were super fast and pretty incredible. But after posting my before and after pics I decided to try my tricks again and see if I can gain more growth and thickness and I didn't see much results.

Truth is I just can't sell you guys on a method that wasn't consistently working for me. In the last few months I have been trying new things, some that have worked so well for me and some that didn't. But I promise I will share an in depth post on what seriously is game changing when I find or figure out what that is. Just call me your personal hair growth guinea pig.

If you guys want a few general tips on hair growth and gaining thickness or wanting to know how I achieved my results from back then. Then let me know in the comments below, because I'm happy to share it with you guys. 

Till the next post

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